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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Book about Marina Tsvetaeva's Drawings - Free Download

Uli Zislin
New Book Series

For those who love Marina Tsvetaeva and admire her creativity

The History of Publications on Tsvetaeva's Drawings Authorship (the version of Russian State Library)

In three volumes:

Volume 1. American Publications from 2006-2008 гг. and publication by the Russian State Library from 2014 г. 

Volume 2. American and Check publications from 2010s. Art by Russian writers.

Volume 3. Additional accounts and opinions related to Tsvetaeva's drawings in the Russian State Library. 

Free Download of the book "The History of Publications on Tsvetaeva's Drawings"

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Updates and Upcoming Projects at the Museum

 1. American Museum of Russian Culture is looking for a bilingual coordinator.
Please send your inquiries to  301/942-2728

2. Washington Museum of Russian Poetry and Music Rockville.  Greater Washington. Founded in 1997.
Visit museum by appointment: 301/942-2728

3. New museum recording: 8 songs based on Konstantin Blamont's poetry:

4.    Alley of Russian Poets, Composers, and Painters. Founded in 2003.Guy Mason Park. 3600 Calvert Street, DC 20007.

Video about a 10-year anniversary of the Alley of Russian Poets (aired on RTN14 in the show of Ilia Grakovsky):      

5. Russian section of Rockville Public Library - over 2000 Russian titles to borrow (including children's books). Address: 21 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850

6. Tsvetaeva Bonfire: every first Sunday of October. 18th Bonfire is on 6th of October, 2013.
5100 Meadowside Lane, Rockville, MD 20855  
See the video about the 17th bonfire:

Museum Founder, Curator, Collector, Songwriter: Uli Zislin   1-301/942-2728
More songs by Uli Zislin:
"Songs based on Tsvetaeva's poetry" 
 "Children's Songs" 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Museum Program for 2013

1. Continue converting the Museum video archives into digital format.

2. Publish new articles about the Museum rarities.

3. Prepare and host a gathering devoted to the 10 year anniversary of the Alley of Russian Poets, Composers, and Artists in Mason Park (Washington, DC). The Russian school "Bukva" and its principal, Tserina Tannen, are among honorary guests.

4. Organize the 18th Tsvetaeva's Bonfire with performances of the students from the Russian school "Bukva". The bonfire date is October 6th, 2013.

5. Organize an event devoted to 121st birthday of Marina Tsvetaeva.

6. Continue collecting materials for the new book. 

7. Collaborate with Creative Director, Marina Guseva (301-328-3668, mgusev[at] in search of a new Museum manager.

8. Continue inviting visitors to the Museum.

9. Continue helping build Russian collection at the Rockville Public Library and continue support of the Russian librarian, Sergei Markov (semar1[at], in his efforts to expand the collection and host events dedicated to Russian culture. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Museum That Makes The World Less Small

G.M. Temnenko
Simferopol City, Russia
Master of Linguistics
Dean of Taurides National University
Division of Cultural Studies
Department of Philosophy

"The World Is Small, As Always." Thus reads the title of a book by Uli Zislin, published in Chicago in 2008. Uli Michailovich himself has lived in DC since 1996. In Moscow he was a Master of technical sciences, engineer-architect, inventor, poet and bard, and also a collector. In America he is the founder and the curator of the "Washington Museum Of Russian Poetry and Music," which has existed since 1997.
 The informal brotherhood of people for whom poetry, music and culture are as necessary as air knows no national boundaries. For those who belong to it, space and time are experienced differently than they are for everyone else.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Washington Museum of Russian Poetry and Music turns 15!

Facts about the Museum:
1. Museum was founded in 1997.
2. First visiting group, of 7 people, came to the museum on October 20th 1997, after the 2nd Washington Tsvetaeva Bonfire, where the opening was was announced.
3. 213 tour groups visited the museum, altogether 600 to 700 people, from 21 states of America (32 cities) and from 14 other countries, including:
- Russia (18 cities)
- Europe (England, Germany, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Montenegro)
- Asia (India, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Kazakhstan)
- Israel, Republic of Georgia
4. Several thousand people were present at the museum’s excursions, of which there were about 200 (America, Russia, Canada, Israel).
5. Museum has hosted 10 literary-musical programs on Russian TV America, and dozens of performances on radio in New York, Boston, Voice of America, etc.
6. Museum featured more than 200 publications in USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and received more than 2000 donations from these countries.
7. Museum initiated:
- Creation in Washington, DC in 2003 of an “Alley of Russian Poets,” which also included Russian composers and artists;
- First international Tsvetaeva Bonfire in 2002;
- All-American Festival of songs to the poems of Marina Tsvetaeva (15 participants, 9 nights, 35 poems of Tsvetaeva were sung);
- Russian section in the new Public Library of Rockville in greater Washington;
- Creation of a project “American museum of Russian Culture” for the American public.

Washington Museum of Russian Poetry and Music was dedicated to Russian culture, however, the greatest space in it, besides Pushkin, is occupied by Russian Poets of Silver Age of Russian Culture, namely Marina Tsvetaeva, Boris Pasternak, Osip Mandelstam, Anna Akhmatova, Nikolai Gumilev.
October 7, 2012 (first Sunday of the month – Tarusa tradition) the Museum conducts in Washington the 17th Tsvetayeva bonfire: 120th anniversary of Marina Tsvetayeva, 100th anniversary of Ariadna Efron, 15th anniversary of the Washington Museum.
Museum has a web site:
Russian language blog:
and a collection of videos on YouTube: